Occupation: MUNIREPS (Pty) Ltd
Cavin Petersen has a degree in Leadership development for Municipal Finance. He has completed all his modules for an
Executive MBA at the University of Cape Town and is busy with his thesis. He is a Chief Financial Officer at Munireps (pty) LTD and is responsible for compiling Annual Financial Statements to various Municipalities as well as provide mSCOA training to the municipalities .

m S C OA  P r e f e r r e d T r a i n e r | N a t i o n a l T r e a s u r y

  •  During my time as a Preffered Trainer I provided training to municipalities with their implementation of the mSCOA charts
  •  I was responsible for the compilation of the unbundling of municipality vote structure into the mSCOA segments.
  •  I have compiled mSCOA compliant Annual Financial Statements for Municipalities.
  •  I have been appointed as Mscoa Project Manager at the Municipality to ensure that their Vote Structure is aligned with the mSCOA segments.
  •  I have conducted mSCOA compliant workshops to ensure the municipal officials is aware and to ensure the readiness of all the components of the Municipality and its officials as well as all the committees.
  • Trained the municipal officials on the segments and ensure they understand how each segment will influence another.


Sifiso Nkankla , Acting CFO ,  Molemole Municipality 015 501 0243
Beauty Masemole , BTO Manager , Molemole Municipality 015 501 0243
Jack Mabote , Chief Financial Officer , Blouberg Local Municipality 082 818 0008
Thomas Sesele , Chief Director , Provincial Treasury 084 622 5762
Mr Sidima Kabayane , Former Municipal Manager , Drakenstein Municipality 085 852 8770


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