Hendri Niehaus


Name: Hendri Niehaus

Hendri Niehaus is a Senior Manager in the Consulting Services Department of Mubesko Africa.

He performs the function of Operational Manager and is responsible for Business Development, Research & Training Services.  He also managed a variety of consulting services in the local government sphere for the past 20 years, and facilitates training for the University of Stellenbosch School for Public Leadership.

Before joining Mubesko Africa in 2008, he was as an Executive Manager at an audit firm and conduct more than 50 local government audits on behalf of the Auditor-General.  During this time, he was also the Quality Control Manager and Training Manager, responsible for the training and management of SAICA learnership clerks.

Hendri has extensive experience in mSCOA implementation and reporting and has assisted municipalities with the conversion of old votes structures to mSCOA, preparation of Budgets and supporting schedules based on mSCOA, preparation of Annual Financial Statements based on mSCOA and conducted several one-on-one, small group and larger group mSCOA training.






Namakwa District Municipality

Mr. Rajiv Datadin

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Nama Khoi Municipality

Mr. Heinri Cloete

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Acting CFO

Richtersveld Municipality

Mrs. Michelle Basson

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Khai-Ma Municipality

Mr. Pieter van der Merwe

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Kamiesberg Municipality

Mr. Rufus Beukes

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Municipal Manager

Hantam Municipality

Mr. Jan Langner

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BTO Manager

Langeberg Municipality

Mr. Bradley Brown

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Prins Albert Municipality

Mr. Jannie Neethling

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Knysna Municipality

Mr. Mbulelo Memani

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University of Stellenbosch School for Public Leadership

Mr. Deon van der Westhuizen

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Provincial Treasury Western Cape

Mrs. Micheline Fortuin

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Deputy Director


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