Employer: Sebata Municipal Solutions
Position: Implementation Manager


mSCOA Implementation and Training Experience

mSCOA Experience
I am employed with Sebata Municipal Solutions and currently hold the position of Implementation Manager (Accounting & Professional Services). Prior to my employment with Sebata Municipal Solutions I was employed with Makomota Financial Management Solutions where my responsibilities included the compilation of Annual financial statements, assistance with financial reporting requirements, maintaining accounting records and performing a supportive function to the municipality during their audit process. With Sebata Municipal Solutions I have significantly built on my previous experience, particularly in the areas of client relations, project & human resource management. 

Thus far I have successfully managed the implementation of SebataEMS and the regulatory requirements of mSCOA at 6 municipalities as well as ensuring that the overall financial objective of the organization is achieved. I have been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all Implementations are carried out successfully within the Northern Cape and Free State Region.

mSCOA induction training presented to all first-year trainees enrolled at Sebata including an assessment conducted to all first-year trainees on the background and basic principles of the mSCOA regulation. 



Reference: Where mSCOA training has been provided:


Municipality: Tsantsabane Local Municipality

Name: Anita Kooverjee

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Contact Number: 082 880 7251


Municipality: Mantsopa Local Municipality

Name: Mphezulu Tseoui

Position: Budget Manager

Contact Number: 081 269 3005


Municipality: Dikgatlong Local Municipality

Name: Radiile Shuping

Position: Acting Chief Financial Officer

Contact Number: 083 348 6461


Municipality: Mnquma Local Municipality

Name: Yolanda Mtiwane

Position: Budget & Treasury Manager


Tel: +27 11 394 0879
Email: ceo@cigfaro.co.za

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